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Hi, I'm Jessica Rodríguez  

For me is a satisfaction and pleasure to make naturals products that provide a benefit to the skin of my clients. I am in this industry because after using all my life commercials products on my skin I began to develop allergies by them. At that moment I started studying what ingredients have my creams, lotions and soaps and to my surprise I found a lot of chemicals that did not contribute anything positive to my skin.

That is why I initiate to develop my creams, soaps and my own deodorant chemicals free which I started to use. They were so good that my family, friends and neighbors began to use them too.  I want to share his natural skin care products  with you, these will enhances the beauty of your skin like never before. 

We are in a new era in which we are more aware of what we put in our skin, in a new era in which we decide not to follow commercial lines full of chemicals and search new alternatives. My contribution with my products  is to educate as many people as I can.  Lets protect our skin because  is our largest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it. With New Era Nature Skin Care you have a real option for a fair price.

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