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How We Do It

The process of elaborating our products is carefully controlled. All products are

handmade in Puerto Rico & 100% Vegan.

We keep these standard procedures;

  • Establishing and Evaluating Quality Vendors

We use Certify Vendors that sell high quality products. 

  • Production planning

Our formulas are carefully designed to provide the final effect that we want to achieve. The mixture of oils, water, emollients, extracts, preservatives and essential oils are specifically elaborated for each different necessity in mind. With each formula we conduct  microbial test to verify the presence  of yeast, mold and bacteria.​

  • Purchasing of Ingredients

Our Butters, Carrier Oils and 100% Pure Essential Oils are Naturals and many of then are free of herbicidal residue, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. We use pure vegetable Glycerin Organic USP Grade, Kosher, GMO and allergen-free. If we do not get an Organic product, we purchase it unrefined or the best quality that we find from a US Company who buys high quality   ingredients that have been rigorously tested in professional laboratory environments.​ None of the ingredients we use have been tested on animals. None of the ingredients or sub ingredients we use are of animal origin.

  • Documentation and record keeping

We keep a record of each prepared product. All process is documented to guarantee a correct track in case of need it.

  • Verification and storage of final product

 Final product has a balanced PH according to the skin needs.  We prepare just the product that we sell, that means that we do no have over stock product to preserve the freshness. ​ All equipment used is completely sanitized. Our lotions and creams are packed in  Airless Pump Bottle to preserve product integrity. Every product is labeled with a brief description,  the Net WT, where it was manufactured and a complete list of ingredient used. You will not find any Hidden Ingredients. We do not carry out any tests on animals. Our lotions and products are Hypoallergenic, 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free, as well as free from SLS, Parabens, Petrochemicals,   synthetic dyes and Fragrances.

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